Best Medicare Supplement Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans



Medicare supplement plans are very different from medicare advantage plans. However, they have similar names and are both health plans. They differ from benefits and coverage. Medicare Part A covers the hospital charges of the clients. Medicare (Part B), however, provides the medical and physician fees. However, clients that are covered by Part A and Part B should not rely only on Medicare plans. Medicare plans cover 80 percent of the approved expenses. These plans deduct a portion of the costs and clients under these plans should pay the remaining hospital charges and physician charges that are not covered by the said plans. Even if there is only 20 percent of the remaining expenses, it can still be costly when paid with cash and when the actual costs are prohibitive in the beginning. There are two ways to reduce these large losses such as:

  • Medicare Supplement Plans

These supplement plans are also called as “Medigap” coverage because it covers most of the remaining expenses left by the Medicare Plan itself. These Medicare supplement plans are standardized. However, different supplement plans offer various benefits and coverage. In addition, different policies are established per state. A particular supplement plan is almost the same as the other companies. Their only difference is how much it cost per month or year. Medicare supplement plans are designated with a name A-J. Choosing the most suitable and best medicare supplement plan for a particular individual requires critical and severe thinking.

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

A private insurance company offers these advantage plans. These plans handle all of the client’s medical expenses. Medicare subsidizes insurers because they are responsible for paying the medical costs of the clients. The Medicare Advantage Plans are covered in Medicare (Part C). This particular plan offers a lower premium compared to other plans.