Doing meditation is not really as bad as it seems.

Meditation and the Different Types of It


Meditation is relaxing but can be done in different ways. It all depends on what is the most effective type to the person wherein they can relax to the maximum level while doing meditation.

It is not also complicated as compared to other things that people do to de-stress. There are different types of meditation that you can do, and some of these types can even be done on your own, at your own convenient time and place.



Here are some types, to name a few:


  • Koan (Zen) – These are riddles that check on our perception of the world with the “what is” questions and that will be then the basis of your contemplation
  • Compassion meditation – The goal of this type of meditation is to improve the loving emotions and kindness behavior towards other people.
  • Yoga – One of the most famous types of meditation. Yoga is more of physical movements with breathing exercise and specific poses that will help you in opening the energy channels in the body and release the stress.
  • Mantra – This is done with the uttering of repetitive sounds, words, or phrase that is calming to the mind and body.
  • Tai Chi – Aside from being martial arts with the purpose of self-defense, this is more of slow movements combined with the breathing exercise.
  • Prayer – Doing prayer is not just based on religious beliefs, but it is also a meditation that allows you to be more aware of the present condition and focusing on your goals.
  • Walking – This is a meditation that allows you to be more aware of the present activities, which is the physical act of walking.
  • Concentration – Practicing on focusing on one object or event, this is usually done on most of the practices on meditation.
  • Visualization – This allows you to picture things, in which in meditation, allows you to one particular thing or event that allows you to clear your mind.

There are more types of meditation but do not limit yourself on practicing one type only. You can try doing different types and find the best fit for you.