Mr. Pedro del Hoyo

Here was born Mr. Pedro del Hoyo, Secretary of King Felipe II, Commander of Montanchuelos and Caballero de Calatrava.
From the original house of the sixteenth century, the ground floor is preserved with a wonderful main facade of ashlar masonry, as well as a crenellated wall attached to the construction.

The current volumetry dates from an extension that took place at the end of the 19th century

Recently and after years of neglect, the current owners have rehabilitated it, maintaining the personality of the building, although adapting it internally to what is expected of a current accommodation, comfort and attention with detail.

Just past the front door, we come to a hall where the original mosaic has been kept, as well as the wooden frieze that runs throughout the room

They are also original, the moldings of both the entrance, and the dining rooms of this floor.